Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Name: Wayne 'MVP' Smith
Home Town: Forestville, Maryland
Team Name: Ninja Throwing Stars
Sports played: Football, Track & Field & Basketball
Position: Cornerback, Wide Receiver & Running Back
Height: 5'9'' but I play 6'5''
Weight: 165

What inspired you to play Flag Football? Love for the game.

How do you prepare for a big matchup? Yoga early in the morning, followed by watching highlights of Deion Sanders & Reggie Bush (USC).

How competitive is the team you play on? Losing hurts worse than Winning feels good.

How do you like playing in Mid East Sports? Its very refreshing being around a lot of competitive & athletic men & women every weekend, it takes me back to my College football days. The MeSports staff does a great job keeping the league together also.

What other sports do you play? Football, football & football. 

Any other information you would like to let your fans know? Ninja Throwing Stars will be back on top.

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